Jobs for People Who can’t Actually Live without Social Media



‘Do what you love’, Its something Teens and young adults hardly get to hear from their Parents and Relatives. So today I bring to you a few Jobs that any Social Network Addict would love to do. From internships to executive positions, this list has all the kinds of jobs in the social media space.

→ Global Community and Content Manager

The need for a Community and Content Manager comes when you have a huge group to cater. You just need the perfect person to put content on social platforms like Vine, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook to encourage global user interactivity with excellent localized content.

→ Digital Communication and Social Media Senior Manager

as governments and companies strive to bring communications, entertainment and sports to people with the aim of influencing the prospects of media and technology A Senior Manager of Digital Communication and Social Media is expected to have at least ten years of experience in coming up with strategies to distribute content through online social platforms.

→ Marketing Operations Specialist

Modern day has a need to have a Social Media Marketing expert. It’s important for firms to share company’s updates like Product launch via online forms like Linkedin, Facebook and Google Plus. An operations specialist is responsible for conducting A/B testing on campaigns and for keeping track of metrics like user engagement and funnel advancement.

→ Social Media Intern

Young people are the demographic most connected to social media. So, a young college graduate should use this to her or his advantage and intern at a company in the field. The Job will include posting engaging content across the company’s key social platforms, coordinating the timing of important press releases and infographics, and shaping the brand’s online presence.


→ Community Manager

As the Community Manager, you’ll be in charge of developing and interacting with the company’s community and creating new strategies for engaging with them. Its meant for those who are a responsible, self-motivated, and upbeat team player.

→ Digital Media Manager

Digital Media Managers are required to create and execute a strategy for exposing the best talks, determining the right platforms to distribute talks to, and making sure that talks are viewed and shared at maximum potential. A digital media manager finds the correct platform to share content with, and ensures that it is distributed to the utmost number of people.

Marketing Intern

The best ideas at companies often come from customers, and the job of a marketing intern is to pick up on this and drive online and offline engagement. Event management and crowdsourcing is an important part of this job, as it involves integrating brand identity.

→ Social Media Support Team Manager

Customer service no longer just means picking up phones in a far away call center. Nowadays, the term refers to the practice of responding to rapid fire tweets and Facebook status updates in real time from people who maybe sitting at home or speeding along a highway. Applicants with experience in managing social media teams, as well as customer service are preferred for this position.

Good Luck, Finding one for yourself!


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