LinkedIn Introduces New Insights Hub to Provide New Audience Insights


Linkedin launched a centralized hub for actionable marketing insights which aims to provide additional information on specific audiences and verticals, in order to help better inform marketing decisions and understanding.

A blog by Jennifer Brett from Linkedin Marketing solution says “With so much data, though, we know it can be difficult to wrap your arms around everything, and pinpoint the most valuable information for your needs. That’s why we are excited to unveil the LinkedIn Insights and Research page, a new feature within our Success Hub for Marketers. Using this handy resource, you’ll be able to guide and substantiate your social media marketing strategy based on comprehensive insights concerning audiences, industry verticals, and the LinkedIn ad landscape.”

Linkedin divided all the insights in three main categories people insight, Industry Insight, and Advertising Insight. Lets see what each category provides.

#1 People Insight

LinkedIn hosts a community of more than 645 million members and 30 million businesses from across the globe. You can use this to drive more effective reach and engagement.

In this section you can access Insights into top audiences on LinkedIn, including their location, skills, and the influencers they follow.

#2 Industry Insight

This is where you can find key insights, trends and research on the marketing landscape today, including vertical specific insights. These LinkedIn insights can inform the development of your marketing strategy. 

#3 Advertising Insights

This section is designed to help you fully understand the LinkedIn advertising landscape from every angle so you can measure and maximize your marketing impact. 




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