Logicspice Consultancy Pvt Ltd. – Web Development Company in Jaipur


About Us

LogicSpice is a mobile app development company that designs and develops high impact mobile app and websites for worldwide clients. We provide next-generation tools for the enterprise businesses. Our developers create intuitive web and mobile applications, website clones and PHP clone scripts, stunning websites and mobile design.

We offer various services such as Web Development Services, Mobile Development Services, Open Source, E-commerce platform and many other services. Our Professional provide a wide range of web development and design solution at affordable cost.

Our Expertise

Logicspice provides various IT related services to its clients, as listed below:

1. Mobile Apps Development (Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackBerry)

2. iPhone App development (PhoneGap, Sencha, iBeacon, iWatch )

3. Website Design and Development Services

4. Cross-Platform Web App Development

5. Custom eCommerce Development (Magento, Shopify, X-cart)

6. Hire Dedicated Resource (Hourly Weekly, Monthly basis)

7. CakePHP Development

8. Hire dedicated CakePHP Developers


Logicspice has recently launched online food ordering system to make the ordering and delivery process easiest for restaurants. We can say that this is the next generation for the restaurant. This food ordering system is providing mobile apps for the restaurant, customers, kitchen staff and delivery persons. You can integrate this system with your existing customer website also.

With the growing demand of online food delivery, this is the next big thing for restaurants. This system comes with a feature of no commission; there is no need to pay for your every order you get. There is a fixed monthly amount which is very affordable.

The whole process of this system is automated, very easy and hassle-free. Customer place an order, the restaurant gets notified and accept the order, assign it to kitchen staff and then assigned to a delivery person. The whole process is done through mobile apps so there is no miscommunication and time saving also.


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