Mother’s Day 2019: 12 Brands Honors Mothers And Motherhood With Heartfelt Campaigns

Mother's Day 2019: 12 Brands Honors Mothers And Motherhood With An Heartfelt Campaigns

Happy Mother’s Day to the medley of Motherhood!

Turns 111 years-old with unconditional love that never gets grey.

If you want to describe your Mother, what would you say? Many of us reply she is a sport; unimaginable without her; inspiration; beautiful; cares and supports; blah blah. The word Mother became adjectival synonyms with no exact definition to it.

Mother and Motherhood are exceptionally and remarkably immortal creators of us besides the divine. They are compassionate and brim with love for us.

Mother’s Day- 12 famous brands honors mothers and motherhood with heartfelt campaigns

Here are the brands and their campaigns that honor Motherhood with heart-melting messages on the Mother’s day

1. Parle-G: #YouAreMyParleG

2. Epson India: #ShesAlwaysWithYou

3. Prega News: #GoodNewsIsGenderFree

4. SBI Life Insurance: #MummyKahanHain

5. Amazon India: #DeliverTheLove

6. Hopscotch: The Style Rap feat. Mom

7. Biba: #IAmAMomToo

8. Zomato: #OrderForMom

9. iD Fresh: #KhaanaKhaaya

10. Gits: Taste Of Motherhood

11. SBI Life Insurance: #MummyKahanHain

12. Sunfeast Mom’s Magic: Celebrating the love of Moms all around us

Once upon in 1850…

Ann Reeves Jarvis

The idea was started in 1850 in West Virginia United States by Ann Reeves Jarvis, and her mother initiated mother’s day work clubs. The club is to improve sanitary conditions, fighting disease and curbing milk contamination. Ann made Mother’s Day Friendship picnics and Mother’s Friendship Day for the women from both sides of a war, during the Civil War.

After Ann’s mother died in 1908, she made the first Mother’s Day celebration in Grafton, West Virginia and in 1914 it is declared as a National Holiday in the US. Every year the holiday is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

Then was founded for mourning women to remember perished soldiers and work for peace. Now celebrated in honor of mothers and Motherhood around 40+ countries worldwide.

Whizsky word of thought

Whatever history may speak, what the reason it might be but worship the reason because we exist if she exists.


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