Moves to get more traffic into your Instagram account


Today, content is king. But to make your content king, you need marketing and a wider reach of the audience.  Without an audience and followers, even good content will fade away.  with social media, content reach has widened. Be it any social media app, from Facebook to Youtube, businesses are growing through virtual media.

Instagram is one such platform for you to make your business grow and promote your content. Every day, you see posts of people becoming influencers and making money out of their Instagram accounts. Companies also give them paid partnerships and sponsor their content. All of this is because of a huge number of followers.

Yes, getting traffic to your Instagram account matters. It is one of the major factors to monetize and promote your content. It is no magic. You need to follow some methods to gain large traffic into your Instagram account. Here are the following tactics you can use:

# Bio is the window

Your Instagram bio para is the window for your followers. It should be unique and attractive to the followers. It should be short and precise. Also include links to your blog. This will help followers to have a look at other aspects of your content.  Your Instagram bio is your window of opportunity.

# Hashtag matters

Hashtags are the patent of Instagram. When you post content, you should have a wide variety of hashtags. Followers can find your page with the hashtag. It is one of the key factors to bring traffic to your account

# Post regularly

Whatever kind of page you have, be it food or fashion, it is important to post regularly. At least there should be posts on your page every day. Regularity and consistency matter a lot to bring traffic into your Instagram account.

# Comment 

If you are following other pages in a similar category, it is important to comment on their post. This makes you relevant as a follower. This also brings you to notice. Through commenting, others can also be drawn to your page.

# Instagram stories and lives

Engaging with your followers helps. Go on a live feed weekly to interact with. Talk about your views on a particular restaurant or outfit. Connecting with the followers and answering their questions will help to attract more followers.

# Variation

Your content needs to have variety. This will make it exclusive. Followers are looking for fresh content. If you run a food page, do recipe posts one day, then restaurant reviews the other day. Variation helps to keep your content fresh and attract traffic.

# Make use of Reels

If you are not a big fan of youtube, use Instagram Reels. If you are short making videos, you can post them there. This makes your content creative and unique. Instagram Reels helps followers to search your page for videos. Today it has an even higher engagement rate than videos or static posts. Businesses can now even use Reels to create Ads

# Imaging

You need to use images of good quality to attract followers. The images should have natural lighting. Use filters and editing to make the picture look attractive. The picture sells your Instagram account. The images should also be styled properly.

There is no magical formula to bring traffic. It happens if you are consistent and follow a social media strategy. To gain traffic, you should make optimum use of what Instagram has to offer.


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