New Changes in News Content Algorithm on Facebook

Facebook Engagement

Facebook recently announced that they will be changing the algorithm behind their news content. This change will be focused on boosting original news content to higher rankings.

Facebook explained, the news articles that are original and have editorial transparency will rank higher than others in Facebook’s home feed. This does not mean that other ranking factors will not be considered.

The social media giant expects that most of the publishers won’t be noticing any big changes to their rankings after this change.

Original News

Facebook mentioned that they will identify articles that are cited as the original source among the groups of articles on a certain topic. The articles that have most often cited as the original source will then be pushed to the user’s news feed.

The platform mentioned that they are working with academic experts and news publishers to build signals that will allow them to identify original content much better. At the moment, this process will begin with English news and will eventually be extended to other languages as well. Facebook also mentioned that with time these strategies might change as well.

Transparent Authorship

With the above changes, the platform also mentioned that the content that has transparent editorial information will be boosted to the top on users’ feed. If they find a news source that does not have a clear mention of the editorial staff, it will be demoted.

This change is being done since Facebook believes if publishers are not ready to provide information about editorial staff, they cannot be credible and will mostly product clickbait content.


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