Now Upload Photos on Instagram without Cropping!


Instagram is the social site  used to share high-quality images. This is the site that is preferred by all the photographers as well as other individuals who are fond of photography or connecting with people. The only problem that you find here is the uploading of the images in a way that is not cropped. The most important part of the image upload is that you cannot find the full image on the screen of the social media site. There are four easy steps that are going to solve the issue for you at ease. Get through the easy steps in this article and the problem will be resolved easily.

insta without crop

Choose the correct No Crop App

insta no crop apps


Download Squaready , NoCrop or Insta size and upload the image that you want to upload on the site in the app. You can get the app on the android market, and that is going to solve the issue of no cropping easily. Open the image from the open tab on the user interface of the app and then get the ultimate support from it. This will be handy for you as well as the app is a light one and remains inactive while it is idle. Thus, it will consume the least battery and RAM of your device.

Choose image and fix the orientation



By selecting the import source, you can get the image or images directly at the tray of the software palette. The image can be browsed from the source and can be browsed in the image folders of your internal memory or SD card. Choose the layout of the image directly and then the order of the image in the palette, so that the best support is available for you. You can choose the portrait or the landscape mode. This will set the full image, and there will be no issue regarding the cropping. Since the general mode of the Instagram image upload is the portrait mode, the landscape images are discarded or cropped. Thus, the layout changing of the image is necessary.

Edit the upload

images (20)

After you complete the editing upload the images in the Instagram, by sharing the image from the site. The most important support that the software can deliver is the support of the direct sharing in the format.

Upload the perfect image size


The final thing is to specify the shape of the images, and that is possible through the interface of this software. The interface of this software has the facility to select the different sizes of the image, like the 640×640 or 1280×1280 and even 1920×1920. This will help you to get the best support in the app, and that is the most important thing that you will get in the app. You can also clear the image and modify the image before the final publish. The publishing of the image can add some added screens on the images too. Thus check them before uploading the same. You can get the best support in that aspect from the app.


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