Now You Can Send Messages To Businesses Using Google Maps


Google is on the news with another feature rolling out business messaging capabilities to Google Maps.

Last year Google My Business rolled out messaging letting users initiate text conversations with businesses through their GMB profiles. Messages are sent and received through SMS when a text conversation starts. Users can directly send messages through the Google Maps app instead of the preferred site.

In the Google Maps app, messages will appear in the side menu which can be initiated by tapping the ‘Message’ button on their business profiles. The new update will be open up the GMB messaging feature to more countries, but as of now, it is rolled out for only selected countries.

Google states that messaging is an optional feature and can be turned off by default. So businesses who do not want to receive messages cannot just turn the feature on. And those who wish to enable messaging can do from the dashboard of Google My Business. Business will be able to see stats over time as a number of clicks on the message button, conversations and total messages who actively engage in messaging with the customers.

Eventually, if your business has another team member who is managing your GBM profile must be designated as a manager of the GBM listing to send messages.

Every latest feature of Google is enthralling and never let the billions hopes down. Let’s swoop on with the latest Google maps app feature!


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