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“Smart” is the word, Apple’s app store is an ocean of apps in which you drown while looking for apps you need, so Apple teamed up with Pinterest, the visual-social networking site and introduced a new service called “App Pins”.

The idea of App Pins is that if you like an app then pin it so that everyone can see it and install it if they want, this way interesting apps will be easy to find. Other than that they also introduced the “App Store Board”, where all the featured apps will be pinned down by Apple for the users.

Pinterest is also in profit by this deal as this will surely increase its popularity. They’ll surely introduce “sponsored pins” for the apps later on for revenue like Facebook.

The new service is quite handy as you don’t have to leave Pinterest to download the app you find interesting as there’ll be an “Install” option right next to the “Pin it” button.

Although Apple could’ve solved the problem of app discovery internally as it’s really a mess, for example: if you search for “Health” or “Games” the result will be tons of apps with too much confusion. Still it’s a smart choice to shake hands with Pinterest, it’ll help the iPhone and iPad users to find new apps and it’ll be great for the developers too as they can pin their apps and make them available to a larger audience.

It’s a great pact for Apple app store; wait till it gets to Android.


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