Pinterest Creators Festival: An Event for Building Pin Presence

Pinterest Creator Festival

Pinterest recently announced their new event for all the creators around the world, that will feature tips and advice focused on growing online communities. The primary focus will be on how to make the right content on Pinterest.

Pinterest mentioned that every month more than 400 million people visit Pinterest just to get ideas and inspiration from the pins on the platform. The content that creators produce on the platform is essential and hence they are hosting an event which will feature a range of experts from around the world to discuss how to grow the online communities and share ideas that works.

Additionally, Pinterest also announced their partnership with the video hosting platform, Vimeo, to offer creators for an easier video creation method. Creators will be able to create pin videos using Vimeo Create which should help them build better pin presence since the platform’s algorithm favors videos more than images.

Pinterest also introduced their latest campaign, “Make the World Make”, that focuses on showcasing best creators and inviting others to participate in the process to fill the internet with courageous and thrilling ideas. This is another reason why they are hosting Pinterest Creator Festival, so it will inspire people to create more on Pinterest.

If you are a marketer and looking for better strategies that can work for your business using Pinterest, you should definitely consider looking into the festival. The event goes live around a week from today, if you are interested, register yourself for the event on the official website.


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