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Pinterest Introduces New Dynamic Creative Ad Process

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Pinterest introduced its new Dynamic Creative automated ad targeting and creation process which enables advertisers to automated ad targeting process based on user behaviors. If a user is searching for designer pots on Pinterest, the platform will show ads of products from advertisers catalogue that best match users’ term.

Pinterest explains that advertisers will now be able to generate multiple versions of pins based on the assets they have uploaded or the products they have in their catalogue. These pins will automatically import product information from advertisers’ catalogue such as price, stock availability etc. Each copy of the ad will be different as they will dynamically generate and display these creative elements for each user. These dynamic elements will only be shown to the audience that an advertiser has chosen prior to creating the ad.

This indicated that businesses and advertisers will now have the ability to create multiple versions of the same ad automatically. Of course, these ads will only appear to the users who are looking for the relevant product. This new feature should allow advertisers to understand which elements offers better performance for their ads.

Pinterest also announced that they will be partnering with three platforms to facilitate the new Dynamic creative ad process. These platforms are RevJet, Smartly.io and StitcherAds. These platforms offer detailed data insights and tracking capabilities to understand and create such dynamic ads based on the data.

The new ad process should help advertisers expand their reach to more audience by targeting user behavior on the platform. But we have already seen how users react to any ‘data tracking’ additions on mobile apps, and this might end up having a same reaction from Pinterest’s user base.

People who are not interested in in-app data tracking will simply opt out from the feature. And with Apple’s upcoming IDFA tracking changes on IOS apps, we’ll have to wait and see how things take shape.

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