Recently Deleted: Restore Your Deleted Content on Instagram

Recently Deleted Instagram

Although Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for users and marketers alike, there is still no way for people to manage their content better. Basic features such as delete and restore content have been unavailable for a long time.

Many users have been asking for the feature, and Instagram seems to have finally listened to popular demand. Starting this week, users will now be able to restore the deleted content and videos from their account. It certainly is a welcomed addition on the platform that will undoubtedly make things much easier to manage.

Additionally, this will also help when hackers gain access to user accounts and delete their photos and videos. But first, Instagram will need to verify users’ identities to ensure it’s the account that they own. This ensures that only the rightful owners can access features such as resting and permanently deleting content from their account.

The content you will delete will be moved to a new folder named ‘Recently Deleted Folder’ and will be restored for 30 days. If the content in this folder is not restored within these 30 days, they will be permanently deleted from their account.

Users can access the folder by visiting their settings-accounts-Recently Deleted during this grace period to access the deleted content. From there, you get the option to either restore them or permanently delete them from your account. Once deleted from this folder, users will lose them forever.


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