RGUKT-Basar is conducting two-day entrepreneurial event – E-Summit’19

e summit

RGUKT-Basar, one of the well-renowned universities in the state of Telangana have been known to breed young prodigies from across the state and transform them into fine engineers. The university is all set to kickstart its first Annual Entrepreneurship Conclave- “E-Summit’19”, with the theme ‘Against the odds’ being conducted by team E-Cell, RGUKT-B. E-Cell is a body which aims to create an entrepreneurial atmosphere in the home of 6500+ young minds with innovative thoughts possessing the potential to create a change in multitudinous ways.

E-Summit’19 is a two-day entrepreneurial event scheduled on the 9th and 10th of March, which focuses on enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the campus through its workshops, mentor hours, talks, competitions, idea pitching sessions, investor meets, policy discussions, startup expo, simulation events, panel discussions and many more. The students are pooled with eminent and experienced mentors, entrepreneurs and investors for a broader level of idea sharing and development. It smoothens out the path of developing an idea into a product, thus making it a whole lot supportive and easy for the Newbies. The event provides budding entrepreneurs with an opportunity to discover new avenues of entrepreneurship, exposing them to the needs of today’s industry. 10+ Prominent speakers, 7+ investors, 12+ Mentors are going to grace the event.
Many events and competitions are going to be held to challenge and reinforce the spirit and zeal of entrepreneurship, some of which include

Startup enthusiasts with an idea and zeal to take it forward will be pitching their idea to a panel of members to seek validation and further mentorship is provided.

Startups seeking funding will have the opportunity to pitch in front of a panel of investors to raise funds.

Nowadays the government has come into the frame of startup enablers, this event allows participants to critically analyze each state innovation policies and rank them according to their performance on the ground.

A series of entrepreneurial workshops to develop deep understanding of
business architecture and sustainable business models.

A marketing simulation event where teams are given with limited resources and have to make a product out of given resources and sell it to the customers.

Advertising simulation event where teams will be asked to make
advertisements in the given theme areas.

A panel of participants will be given positions of CXO of a particular company and will be acting accordingly to situations created virtually.

Teams will be allowed with a company and should come with different
campaigns which varies upon situations.



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