Ridesharing Network, Uber Brings Out “Quiet Driver” Mode Feature

Uber brings out Quiet Driver mode

Uber, multinational ride-sharing network has listened to the customers request who gets irate of chatty drivers and brings some good news to them.

From a long time, users are requesting Uber to develop a feature or probably an in-app kind of mode for a minimal conversation during the ride. The feature called “Quiet Mode” is made free and available to the U.S. citizens tomorrow.

The facility is only served on Uber Black and Uber Black SUV premium rides. Users can select the options like- Quiet preferred, happy to chat, or even can leave the setting at No preference. The Quiet mode option might be preferred by most of the users to pay for Uber more expensive vehicle types so that they can work, take work calls, nap, or just relax after a long monotonous work or meetings.

The Quiet Mode is a part of a new feature of Rider Preferences where a user can set up before they call on a Uber Black or SUV. The mode cannot be turned on while in the car or on their ride.

The plush features of Uber Black

User can set a ‘Bags option’ where they can cue so that driver knows to pull over and can load them into the trunk. It also lets them have a Temperature control where drivers can start the air conditioning.

Uber Black drivers are supposed to halt 15 minutes after the arrival of the users before canceling on as it is a private car service. And for sure users will be charged and after 5 minutes they will get compensated.

The company tells that, Quiet Mode in particular “ “is something that people have been asking for for a long time,” and talkative drivers have been the subject of plenty of comedy sketches.

It also says about the feedback received from many male readers that worse things are happening than having to chat with a friendly Uberman instead of being rude or dehumanizing them to stay silent. But at the downside, Women often feel uncomfortable when male drivers continually talk to them and get scared and feel like an unwanted flirtation. To avoid all these scenarios not only in the U.S. but across the international units, Uber plans to expand this to UberX.

Uber also explains that it is not necessary to be quiet even if the customer speaks that might lead to a negative rating for ignoring.

Well, that’s an effective thought Uber brought to its customers and hopes it brings the same with the “Quiet Mode” feature to the other rides and as well to the international markets soon.


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