Role of Digital Marketing Agency in Making Digital India


Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi has launched one of the most extensive digitization programs – Digital India, that aims towards uplifting the IT infrastructure of our country.  The core focus areas of Digital India are Broadband services, Mobile network access, Wi-Fi and Public Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Through this program, it is believed that gap between rural India and urban India will be bridged to a large extent. Also, one primary objective of the Digital India program is to integrate every Government activities and ministerial functions with e-biz.

Digital India – Ambitious yet a Realistic Program

This program is indeed ambitious, however, there is good scope for the program to succeed. It is foreseen that Indian citizens can benefit immensely from the Digital India program as this will give rise to a number of innovations and services in different industries such as healthcare, education, travel and tourism, entertainment etc.

Role of Digital Marketing Agencies

Owing to this futuristic program, more importance is given to digital marketing companies. The role of renowned agency with a team of expert technophiles, marketers and visionaries will only gain more importance with time. The companies, and organizations will turn to the best digital agencies to help them grow their online reputation. It is the responsibility of the digital agencies to let their clients take advantage of the latest technological advancement, thereby helping them in expanding their reach on a global platform, through different online marketing techniques.

The main functions of a Digital Agency are:

  • Formulating creative digital marketing campaigns that helps the company attract maximum attention from its target audience.
  • Adopt innovative ideas to help the company stay ahead of its competitors.
  • Helping a particular business website to achieve a higher search engine page rank, by targeting the right keyword phrases.
  • Devise interactive marketing strategies to help the brand create long lasting impression on its target customers’ minds.

Scope of Indian Digital Marketing Agencies

 According to a research conducted by Adobe, the number of marketers leveraging digital marketing to beat the competition is only increasing in India. In fact, Indian marketers are most confident about the potential of digital marketing and how it can help a company to stay ahead of its competition and make a brand online.

The analysis reports from the digital marketing agencies help in segmenting, targeting and positioning a particular brand. Here the role of digital marketing agencies is crucial, because in case they analyse data wrongly, then the entire campaign will be affected and as a result, it could be disastrous for the company.

Without the specialised digital marketing services of these agencies, it will not be too easy for the existing as well as upcoming services or brands to establish their credibility in their niche. Even with in-house digital strategists, the need to outsource some of the key digital marketing operations and communication will be definitely required in order to create their brand recall.

Due to India’s vast geographical spread and rise in the number of Internet users, the Digital India campaign is going to be a huge success.  The Chairman of Cisco, John Chambers, could foresee this and has extended his full support to the program. According to him, ‘’India is going to be the first large digital country in the world’’.


Thus, we can definitely rest assured that the role of good Digital Marketing agencies will only get more important and will play a big role in converting the digital dream into a reality. Three Cheers to Digital India.


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