Shashank ND : Founder and CEO of Practo, One of the fastest growing healthcare companies


Shashank ND is the Founder and CEO, One of the fastest growing healthcare companies in the world, “Practo“. Practo is a Software as a service(SaaS) tool which provides a service to schedule an appointment with the doctor. Shashank Co-founded Practo in 2008 with his college friend Abhinav Lal and the startup has come a long way in the last ten years and with international expansion.


Today Practo has over 2,00,000 healthcare providers on its platform and is present in
India, Singapore, Philippines, Brazil, Indonesia catering to consumers and providers and in 10 more countries with its software products for healthcare providers. Practo touches the lives of billions of people today and is responsible for over 50M appointments/year on its platform

Inception of Practo

The idea came across when Shashank’s father needed a knee surgery and they finalized a specialist in the US. The Doctor wanted to check all the medical records of the patient before giving any of his opinions. But there was no easy and secure way to get all the reports and prescription across and then send to Doctor in the US.

This Incident triggered the idea of Practo. Shashank discussed it with Abhinav who isa computer expert and both worked on the idea.

Shashank also believes that there should be a common platform where patients can write a review of doctor which can be helpful for other patients. Practo made feedback system and attempts to collect the most helpful and reliable feedback from patients.


Shashank has a B.Tech from the prestigious NIT, Surathkal and is a founder
circle member of iSPIRT, a think tank for the Indian software industry.
Shashank has been featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 list of young influential
people to watch and the 2016 Fortune 40 under 40 most promising business
leaders in India.

Practo is a powerful medium that serves a patient by finding a required doctor and booking an appointment and a doctor by giving him/her a platform to manage their patients and practice. It offers hassle-free scheduling at all hours and everyday access to reports and records. Practo Search has the distinction of being Asia’s number one search engine that helps in finding the right and best doctor. More than 1.5 million users search through 120,000 doctors and make 120,000 appointments through this portal on monthly basis.


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