Snapchat Introduces Bitmoji ‘Tennis’To Gaming Options

Snapchat launches bitmoji tennis

Snapchat, an American camera company, has launched its next substantial in-app game by introducing Bitmoji Tennis option to enable users to pit against each other on the virtual court.

The Bitmoji Tennis is built on the PlayCanvas game engine and now is made available to users on snap games. The game can be played by a single player or with friends.

Last month the Snapchat announced a group of games in platforms that includes a pack of shooting games and Fortnite by FarmVille creator Zynga.

Bitmoji Tennis has customization feature with the capability to utilize a user likeness in the match, and its release has also been clocked to connect into Wimbledon, which is now played in the UK.

The Snapchat in-app game helps users, especially the younger audience focusing on, the more lucrative side for the application. With this not only scores traffic to the app but also has a potential place and opportunities for advertisers and can even sponsor games to have better exposure to particular audience groups.

Snapchat, as we already know, running a basic sponsored games for years now is not to the point of the same standard as these new apps built in the gaming platform.

Snapchat, as we know, has a vast user base is now offering more significant advancement on the in-app games to engage users and helping Snap to run a business in the gaming zone.

Now start playing a perfect serve on the virtual ground opening a Chat or Group Chat and tap the rocket icon located in the Chat Bar.


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