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Snapchat is an app used to share photos, recorded videos, texts and drawings, with a controlled list of recipients. Snapchatters share about 700 million photos daily on the service, much more than the 70 million photos shared daily on the Instagram app.

Recently, Snapchat introduced a new feature of making videos with audio of the songs you like. The feature can take a live feed of whatever music or audio is currently playing on a user’s Smartphone when they record a video, and use it as the soundtrack when they send the clip to friends or upload to their “Stories” profile. Generally, any music playing in the background of the phone stops when we try to record a video, so this solves the problem.

Major label Warner Music Group is one of the launch partners for its new Snapchat Discover section, while Madonna recently debuted her new music video within the app. Snapchat is also promoting new artists like Goldroom, Guards and Smallpools.

With over 100 million users, the new update is sure to result in a lot of lip-synching videos, although it seems to record music at a very high level, so if you want to talk in between, you’ll probably be shouting out loud.
It was a much requested feature by the users. Originally, it was made popular by Mindie but for some security issues Snapchat shut that down. New feature works with iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud. It rolled out on iOS but has yet to appear in the Android version on Google Play.

It still has some issues of crashing but by adding this new service, Snapchat seems to attract social media stars.


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