Stripe adds a new payment feature to its platform

Online payment platforms are being adopted by more and more people every day.


Online payment platforms are being adopted by more and more people every day.

It makes sense as digital capital is just more hassle-free when compared with fragile and physical currency notes that are vulnerable to being damaged by physical means.


This newer cashless system has seen some major improvements made in its security aspect as digital cash frauds are a much less common occurrence than they ever were.

The rare incidences in which these unfortunate events do occur are addressed quite efficiently by the organizations and the authorities responsible.


One of the most popular platforms among these is Stripe, and as we all know, with online digital payments, the user base is the only parameter that really counts as its metric of success.

If the allowed payment action comes without any unnecessary steps, the overall transactions can be as just as simple as tapping on your phone.

The newest feature from Stripe allows you to create payment links that can be directly linked to your accounts and accept one-way transactions in which the creator of that link is able to receive payments from everyone who chooses to pay them.


This feature allows you to simply create payment links that can then be pasted on various social media platforms, and voluntary donors, fans, activists, etc., can simply start helping the cause that they believe in.

This is objectively a great step in focusing people on the issues that need attention and removing all the unnecessary hurdles from the process.


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