The Carriall Co., India’s First Smart Backpack Weighs Itself!

The Carriall Co., India's First Smart Backpack Weighs Itself!

If someone told you that your smart trolley bag has become smarter and can now weigh itself, you might not want to believe it, instead, you think we are insane. But pinch yourself, it happened!

Bringing this next-gen reality to your doorstep are Carriall bags, makers of India’s first smart trolley bags, who have added a much-needed rewarding new feature for all the bag connoisseurs out there. Armed with the latest technology for constant travelers, Carriall bags are efficient and offer unique features that are an absolute boon for them.

Not just your everyday bag, though.

Here is the salient features of the Carriall bags with the conjuction of technology

  • USB charging- The feature ensures your gadgets are charged at all times, is only the start of many benefits.
  • Bluetooth tracking- The feature is a sort of anti-loss product helps you keep track of your bag.
  • Safe and Secure- Shock absorber wheels and along with a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) lock is provided to it, and an app that extends cool features to users.

The Carriall bags come in various designs and colors available in 2 sizes – 20 inches for Rs.11,000 and 24 inches for Rs.14,000. To add the cherry on this cake, they also offer a special complimentary sales package to buy their luggage. Along with the 20-inch bag, a toiletries bag is added as a gift, and along with the 24-inch bag, a toiletries bag, shoe bag, and a laundry bag are given to the purchasers. With all these unique and classy features, Carriall is the future of bags.

Nilesh Ahire, CEO of The Carriall Co, says, “Convenience is of utmost priority to travelers today, and we have made it our goal to make every product more convenient than the previous one. We introduced smart bags that can fulfill vital needs while traveling to the country, and now, we have taken it a notch higher by adding in the weighing scale feature. We have seen the need for it grows over time, and we hope to add value with this unique addition.”

A luxury brand that works on the tagline ‘Wherever your journey takes you,‘ Carriall bags have found promoters in leading Bollywood celebrities like Shahid Kapoor, Disha Patani and Kiara Advani. With the new offering, Carriall now becomes the only brand which provides an in-built weighing scale in trolley bags in India.

In 2018, Carriall Bags had launched India’s first Smart backpack which was a runaway hit among travelers.


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