Top 5 Tools That Small Businesses Can Use For Content Creation and Marketing


For small businesses budget is a big constraint for hiring new editors and designers, or even sourcing the work to a creative agency. This however does not mean that the lack of resources should stop them from establishing their brand identity and marketing. With digital innovations, there are now easy to use tools that small businesses can use for content creation and marketing.

Let us take a look at them

1) Canva

For amateurs in the field of designing, you do not need Photoshop or a very high qualified graphic designer to create visual content and graphics for your small business. Canva is a lifesaving tool for many small brands and businesses. It has multiple templates and readymade design and animated elements through which you can create visually appealing social media posts, brochures, and even pitch decks

2) Filmora

For small brands and businesses to communicate their ideas and USPs, video content creation and marketing is very much needed. Be it through short videos like Reels or long videos; small brands need innovative video content to be used for branding and also for using it on their ads. Filmora is an easy to use video editing tool with which you can create reels or videos. The tool has multiple video effects and editing templates that can give a video recorded on a smartphone a new touch.

3) Vyond

For service-based small businesses or whether your new business is geared towards edu-tech or building courses online, Vyond is the perfect animation tool that you can easily use to create animated video tutorials and even video ads. Most of the Youtube Ads you see that animated have been generated on Vyond. Vyond is a paid tool that has ready-made animation effects and characters. You can even add a voice-over to the animation through the tool. It may seem a bit advanced , but it is easier than other animation tools.


4) SEMRush


SEO growth is very important for small businesses. Higher the ranking on Google, the higher the chances of your brand visibility and conversion rate. SEMRush is an important tool that helps small businesses to identify and analyze the SEO rankings and keywords that competitive brands are using to make conversions. It makes content marketing effective and strategic for small businesses.


5) Buffer

It is important that small businesses not waste time manually updating content on social media. With Buffer, small brands can auto-schedule their content. The premium version of Buffer also gives you insights about  the right time to post on different social media platforms. You can even analyze the performance of social media content through this tool.

6) Grammarly

It is the most underestimated yet the most important tool every type of business requires. The premium version of Grammarly helps businesses to write better blogs and mails without grammar mistakes and syntax errors. 



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