Top Feminist and Empowering Ads In India


The advertising industry in India is also known for its creative fervor to transform the minds of the people in the country with social messaging. Its product only becomes a small part of the advertisement. It is a covert way to influence the minds of the audience and showcase that the brand and the products stand for a cause. Today, it is essential that products showcase feminist and empowering ads for people of all genders.

Here are the top feminist and empowering ads in India that is creatively engaging 

  1. Vicks Touch Of Care

The Vicks #TouchOfCare ad is directed by Neeraj Ghaywan who gives a nuanced gender lens to the product. The ad showcase how Vicks has been taking care of families for decades just like a mother. However, the mother’s love does not see gender. The ad film tells the story of how a daughter wants to be a lawyer to fight for the rights of her mother, who is a transwoman as she was the one who raised her. 

This was the first time, a transwoman was given a nuanced portrayal in an ad film

  1. Saffola Gold- Stress

This 30 sec ad, conceptualized by Mullen Lintas for Saffola takes a reverse turn to gender roles. It showcases how a working woman has to bear the stress of office even when spending quality time with her husband. The ad potently shows the husband taking care of her and saying that stress is not good for anyone’s heart. This empowering representation is relatable and also empathetic that how men also need to take care of their partner’s health.

  1. Best At Work by Tanishq’s Mia

Tanishq’s work-wear jewelry brand Mia gave a creatively potent ad showcasing the judgments women have to face at work for being a working mother or an opinionated employee, but these women do not care about what the world thinks because they believe to best at their work and what they are doing. The ad film, conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, is driven by a slam-poetry narrative that hooks the audience.

4) The Right Time by Titan

Titan Raga ad starring Katrina Kaif showcased beautifully through a poem on the pressure women feel to get married. It narrates as Kaif is shown to be getting ready for marriage that why women should get married out of fear of loneliness or because of societal pressure but only when they think the time is right. The ad film conceptualized by Ogilvy and Mather talks about self-love and was even nominated in the Watch World Marketing Awards.

5) Stop The Beauty Test by Dove

Conceptualized by Ogilvy, Dove’s Stop the Beauty Test ad shows the rejection and the judgment women in India face when meeting suitors during arrange marriage. It shows real women and not models who are judged for their outer flaws like having dusky skin or being plus-sized and rejected. The ad points a finger at the flawed way of judging a person with beauty and not caliber.


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