Twitter Introduced New Ad Format: Carousels

Twitter Ads

Twitter recently launched a new ad format for advertisements on Twitter called carousels. As explained by Twitter, the new carousel ads on Twitter is a step towards helping marketers expand their reach to a bigger audience and direct users to their websites or applications using multiple images or videos within a single ad.

With each carousel ad, marketers can now add up to six images or videos in a single ad on Twitter. With more space available for adding information, marketers can now feature new additions, products or add a brand story that can cover the six carousel cards.

Benefits of Carousel Ad

Carousel ads can help improve the engagement on the ad with its edge to edge design that allows users to transition from one card to another.

With carousel ads, marketers can drive the right action as it is available for all website and app objectives, Video carousels for video views and so on. Business looking for an awareness campaign can benefit from a carousel ad.

Carousel ads are east to create as they follow the same method required for image or video ads. With an easy to create format, you can focus on delivering a better story.

Carousel performance can be monitored using the relevant analytics and metrics, which will include individual card and swipe reporting as well.


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