Twitter Rolls Out 6-Second Video Ad Bidding


Twitter introduces a new video ad option for video marketers in the form of 6-second video ad bidding. The marketers or brands will only be charged if a video is viewed for at least six seconds.

According to a blog published by Twitter on 19th August , “A recent Twitter-sponsored study by EyeSee determined short-form (under six seconds), sound-off videos with clear branding drive significantly better ad recall and message association on mobile than linear TVC style videos. Optimal video creative and viewing experiences drive brand lift and sales.”


Twitter called it a “Flexible option for advertisers who care about the completed view metric, but are ready to lean into the mobile-first paradigm and develop short-form assets optimized for in-feed viewing.

The 6 second video ad option has been rolled out globally and is now available for Promoted Video.


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