Twitter Will Now Notify About The Things You Have Missed

twitter recap

Twitter is one of the leading social networking platforms after Facebook and as it is a real time service the selling points of Twitter are high. Users on Twitter encounter numerous tweets in a day and it becomes really difficult to follow through network in a consistent manner. In order to overcome this issue, the management team of Twitter launched a new feature in which users will find some of the best tweets that were sent while they were away in the form of heading notes. This feature will help users in giving a quick recap of the things they missed when they were away.

twitter recap
Twitter will take charge of what it has to showcase on the basis of number of retweets or favorite a particular tweet received. The basic motive for introducing such recaps is that company wants to move in a more casual direction where more users can share their views and thoughts via Twitter. As company faced a tough year in engaging more users, the management team is now focusing its strategies to attract more casual active users. In this context the company enabled users to post tweets through direct messages for engaging them to chat more easily about public content. In addition to this the management team is also focusing on enhanced product delivery, which was very poor in the past few years.
The feature is available on iOS and the company is working for its launch on Android and in couple of weeks.


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