What is the Importance of having a video profile on the Internet?


With the digital boom, the attention span of the audience has reduced. Unless something is interesting, people do not waste more than a minute to pause and read it. They are keener on watching than reading. Hence, a video profile is necessary for brands on the website and social media.

Not only brands but even people should also have a video profile on LinkedIn so that potential employers can know more about their skills.

Having a video profile on the internet makes a person or the brand’s personality stand out. It has a more significant impact as videos can be unique, and people can remember them.

Sometimes while writing, things may get lost in the words and interpretation. With a video profile on a website and social media, the voice of a brand or a person receives articulated better. People can see and understand more thoroughly about it. This is the reason why brands in the market switched from print ads to video ads, while on the other hand, content creators began to vlog instead of blogging.

Everyone is putting out resumes, and everyone is writing long emailers and blogs. It is the same thing one sees in the digital space. However, if you create an engaging video profile and market it well, the audience will be hooked to it as it is something different than what they are used to seeing. A video resume will be more noticeable to the employer in the pile of written documents; similarly, a website with more videos will have lesser bounce rates. Therefore, a video profile is a creatively engaging tool that helps brands and people to stand out in the digital clutter.

When a person watches something, they have an emotional reaction to it. With a video profile, brands and people can add an emotional nudge to the content. A video profile of a brand can show how the brand is creating a positive impact on the lives of the people; whereas, a person applying for a job can showcase their personality and passion better with a video profile.

In a short span of a few minutes, a video can connect better with the audience than any written document.

People may forget what you have written, but an engaging video profile has a longer retention in the minds of the digital audience. It can also be circulated in multiple social media forums and leveraged accordingly, whereas written content is only limited to websites and blogging channels. This shows a video profile on the internet is a scalable and impactful tool of growth that needs to be utilized to connect with the audience.


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