Whatsapp launches Whatsapp Web offers messaging on web


Finally Whatsapp launches the most required web version, already we have some third party whatsapp desktop tools which offer messaging from desktop but nothing was official. On wednesday, Whatsapp announced about its new release. But is it the same as expected?

I would say no, because to login to whatsapp web you still need to have your phone with latest version of whatsapp installed. The web application is designed in such a way that if you want to login to the web app you need to sync a random generated QR code with your mobile whatsapp. You can try by visiting Whatsapp Web


The current version of whatsapp web is only available on Chrome extension, and does not work for iOS users. Another limitation would be the logged in session as it expires immediately your phone gets disconnected from internet.

Anyway, the positive from this application would be in the field of Social media marketing as it gives you a desktop experience to send bulk messages. Drag and drop functionality will further ease your operations.


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