WhatsApp Updates Its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

WhatsApp new privacy policy

WhatsApp recently updated their terms of service and privacy policy, which essentially notes that WhatsApp and its services are now going to be integrated with Facebook. All the user data from WhatsApp will be collected and shared with WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook.

The platform further explains that users can continue to use the app without accepting the new term of service until 8th February 2021. Following that, agreeing to these services will be mandatory to continue using WhatsApp. Those who choose not to accept new policies, will not be able to use the app anymore and will have to delete their account, as indicated by WhatsApp on the policy alert.

WhatsApp new privacy policy

Why do you need to accept the policy?

Although it’s common for mobile apps to regularly update their terms of services, this time however, WhatsApp has given a deadline, after which users who didn’t accept, will not be able to use the service anymore. And will eventually need to delete the app.

What’s New

Before this change, WhatsApp firmly believed in respecting the privacy of its users. Their privacy policy began with this statement: “Since we started WhatsApp, we have aspired to build our Service with a set of strong privacy principles in mind.”

This statement is not there anymore, instead, now it explains how its users have to agree to let Facebook and its subsidiaries collect app data which will include its users’ contact numbers, contact details, locations, and so on. By February 8, if users do not agree they will lose access.

Several experts and enthusiasts took this change to Twitter to share their thoughts. Here are some notable ones:

What are your thoughts on this change? Are you shifting to a new messaging app?


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