Why are you lagging behind in Social Media?


Almost everybody is on social media. You would find rare people telling you that I am not on Facebook or I don’t like Twitter. There are billions of active movie social users and have active social media accounts. Isn’t it the perfect platform where you can attain the most traffic for your brand and heighten your brand’s awareness using social media marketing? Are you lagging behind in Social media? Here are the five common mistakes why most of the people aren’t able to succeed in their business through social media. Read on:

  1. Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media site and earns more than $15billion in revenue utterly through advertising. However, delve into the metrics as Facebook has accepted the fact that it is decreasing the free traffic data over time from all the traffic. So as a business owner, if you have to sell and market your products, you will have to schedule a proper advertising budget. You wouldn’t believe that structuring even a very small budget can garner huge returns through Facebook, try it.

  1. Pull Marketing


There are lots of businesses that make a mistake of simply posting their services and exhibiting their products to large number of prospects and they get disappointed when they don’t find the expected response. The problem lies in the approach. It is very easy for the people to click you away or report you as spam. If you wish to achieve success with social media marketing you must try to do pull marketing. With the kind of content you share and the way you share your message before the people, creates a huge impact.

  1. Are you useful?

The finest way to pull marketing is to be useful on the social media. You don’t really have to always expect to sell something when you share it. Try to be wise like for example if you have written a book and you utilize Facebook advertising to exhibit it to the people who are on social media and belong in your city, there would be many who would wish to buy your book. That is what exactly pull marketing is, to target the potential customers in a wise and tactful way without the intention or expectation to sell it directly.

  1. Are you trying to get everywhere?


There are billions of visitors on social media sites on a monthly average. So do you think that with such an average traffic, you would wish to market your business on all the social media sites? Do you have that much time; it really takes consistency and commitment to do that. You must begin with two or three websites and make the most of them. Try to share useful and authentic content and try engaging people with it in a meaningful and better way.

  1. Are you trustworthy?

Social media is the best place to fake your personality and become something you aren’t. You try to do something that people want to see and when it comes to businesses, you wish to apply the same approach. You are trying to share such content that is based on what your customers think are your interests. But, in reality this kind of approach doesn’t really work.


People only buy those products and services that they trust and feel are reliable. Try to mull over what your businesses interests are. Formulate creative strategies to build such content that encases those interests and then market it. Things you are interested in, if you market, that people are going to get attached with you. They are going to engage more into your products and services. Authenticity and trust is indeed a game-changer in the social media.

Therefore, these are the things you must do to achieve success in the social media.



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