Why do we need smart baby monitors?



The current generation is moving at a faster pace than before. They want things to be quick and seamless to spend more on productivity than micro-managing every tiny detail. 

People are marrying late and having kids late till they are financially stable. Even after the baby comes, it continues to be a significant emotional and financial responsibility for the parents. Not every parent can stay at home to look after the kid. 

Although baby sitters are there, it is not entirely safe to let your baby be with a nanny or the sitter until they have established trust. Checking in every hour when the baby is outside with the nanny or the sitter is an arduous task. 

Thankfully, it is 2021, and technology has taken a leap and made our lives easier with innovations.

Smart baby monitors are one of the valuable and efficient ways through which working parents can monitor their baby’s movements. Well, you might be thinking- “Baby monitors already existed before 2021; what is the difference?”

Let us understand what smart baby monitors are and how they are different from generic baby monitors.

Features of a smart baby monitor?

Smart baby monitors make it easy to monitor their babies when they are not near the nurseries. Smart baby monitors relieve the parents’ anxiety that concerns the safety of their babies when they are in the care of the nanny or the babysitter. Other safety checks, baby monitors also have a two-way communication feature that allows parents to interact with the baby or coordinate with the baby sitter to get updates on the baby’s wellbeing. 

Let us look at the features of a smart baby monitor:

  1. Night vision

Smart baby monitors come with the night vision feature that allows parents to monitor the babies’ behavior when there is low light. Such smart baby monitors have infrared LED lights integrated with the camera that allows viewing even in low light conditions.

  1. Smart sensors

What makes the smart baby monitor work smartly are the integrated sensors. These include motion sensors, noise sensors, and room-temperature sensors. It alerts the parents on their mobile app if the baby is crying or the room temperature in the nursery has fluctuated, causing discomfort to the baby.

  1. Calms the baby

Smart baby monitors also have an embalming effect on the baby. It comes with the features of calming lights and sounds that help your baby to sleep easily. Many smart baby monitors play soothing lullabies, and rainbow light shows on the ceiling of the nursery.

  1. Complete view of the space

Smart baby monitors come with camera control features to give a 360-degree view of the baby’s room. The camera tilting features allow the baby monitor to be attached to the stroller when the baby is out with the nanny.


A smart baby monitor is indeed a boon for parents, but the data provided by the device needs to be verified by the doctor. Parents should also choose a safe device with a strong password setting to prevent hacking. The smart baby monitors help keep the baby comfortable with playing lullabies and soft lights. It also mitigates the parents’ anxiety by sending alerts about the baby’s whereabouts and health conditions. It is a smart home device that every parent must have in their home.


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