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YouTube Video Credits Will Be Removed From Early 2019

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YouTube is the next big thing happened after the Internet revolution. The video giant has a lot of useful features but often removed without reason. YouTube officially announced it will be eliminating video credits feature, early 2019.

Video credits on YouTube are avail for creators to give a quick shout out to those who involved in creating the video. Celebs, Stars, Publishers, Writers, and others credit links will be available to their respective channels. The video credit feature is observed to as no often used by the channels, so they decided to remove the feature from the YouTube. However, users still receive credit in the form of contributing subtitles and closed captions added to a video.

On November 26, 2018, a creation of new credits was disabled, and the existing credits will still appear until the end of January, i.e. 31 January 2019, and from starting of February 2019, the credits will entirely disappear from the YouTube channels.

YouTube says that they are working on additional features like other ways to that tag creators in the videos. The company is vague on releasing further details at the moment. YouTube is apparently pruning the channel for unused features.

YouTube added another surprising news by announcing the stopping of all existing annotations starting from January 15, 2019. Back then in May 2017 Annotations were stopped by YouTube and users haven’t been able to edit or create annotations, but to the desktop viewers, existing annotations were still shown, even it will be no longer available after January 15th.

The issue with the annotations is that they never worked on mobile devices, as more of YouTube viewers swapped to mobile devices which became an irrelevant function for YouTube.

YouTube, amidst all these surprises, had created interactive in-video elements like cards and end screens to lessened the appeal of annotations.

By this point, viewers got used to watching the richer and high quality visually alluring calls-to-action while watching videos. The Annotations reached an antique status and soon becomes a thing of past glory altogether.

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