12 startups that are Part Of Microsoft ScaleUp Accelerator Programme


Over the last few years, Microsoft has been launching a number of programs for startups. In the same range, their new program “Microsoft for Startups” is a program that aims to bring technology and marketing expertise to startups. They also help startups with a co-selling program that allows startups to piggyback on Microsoft’s existing sales force.

In total, Microsoft is committing $500 million over the course of the next two years to run joint sales engagements and offer to startups access to technology and community spaces. The Microsoft has chosen 12 startups from focused on areas of Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Big Data analytics, among others to build solutions for the market. In this 6 months programme, these startups will work closely with Microsoft leaders, industry experts and leverage the Microsoft Partner Network to scale their business models and serve enterprise clients.

Here are 12 Selected Startups.


AppICE is an analytics startup that has built a platform that can take soft and hard sensor data from connected devices like smartphones and use machine learning to generate actionable insights.

Appiyo Technologies

Appiyo technologies Pte Ltd., provides Private Social & Computing Platform for the collective intellect of the crowd to create contemporary business class process apps. With the convergence of mobile, cloud and social being a fait accompli, the idea is to give the crowd a low adoption barrier technology which can democratize solution creation and proliferation. appiyo’s philosophy is “Crowd, Cloud, Mobile first”.


Avanseus develops and markets data-driven, context-aware enterprise solutions. We focus on Predictive Maintenance and Intelligent Monitoring using Artificial Intelligence. Our proprietary technologies encompass Predictive Analytics, Streaming Analytics, Text Analytics, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

eGovernments Foundation

eGovernments Foundation was established in 2003, by Nandan Nilekani (ex CEO – Infosys) and Srikanth Nadhamuni (CEO -Khosla Labs, ex CTO UIDAI ) to solve hard to crack urban governance challenges using cutting edge technology. They are joined by Omidyar Network and Tata Trust as our long-term benefactors.

Gaia Smart Cities

Gaia Smart Cities is a pioneering Internet of Things Solutions and Services company creating innovative solutions for Smart Cities. Their objective is to play a key role in shaping the cities and citizens of tomorrow, today through our innovation, design and execution.


GrowthEnabler provides intelligence on tech innovation and disruptive business models to meet the challenges and strategic innovation needs of technology business leaders. Growth Enabler is basically A digital solution providing fast, and objective intelligence, from around the world, enabling confident, data-led decision making. We curate data using proprietary algorithms, data science and machine learning to give you trusted, accurate and reliable intelligence, on demand.

Karo Sambhav

Karo Sambhav is a tech-enabled, environmentally beneficial and socially responsible e-waste Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO). Karo Sambhav’s members include prominent brands namely Apple, Dell, HP and Lenovo. The startup has set-up an India-wide transformative solution on e-waste management with the aim of making recycling a way of life.


Kogence is making scientific computing fun and collaborative. Kogence is a platform for scientists to collaborate, share, discuss and showcase their simulation models. Kogence brings scientific supercomputing ecosystem to the web browser of any personal device. The startup enables engineers, researchers, scientists and students to collaborate, rapidly iterate and execute their models and simulations on supercomputing infrastructure as needed with zero setups.


MachineSense is a disruptive technology company with strong roots in the machinery and manufacturing sector. Their affordable technology is focused on predictive maintenance and analytics for industrial machinery, components and infrastructure systems including pumps, compressors and electrical supply.


SmartVizx are creators of interactive virtual environments that transform elements of the real world into a virtual one and a virtual world into a real one.

Sprinkle Data

Founded in 2017, Sprinkle Data provides search based Insight discovery and adaptive data management software-as-service.

Xurmo Technologies

Xurmo Technologies is a Big Data platform company that offers a Single, Plug ‘n Play stack for Big Data Analysis. Xurmo comprehensively addresses the Big Data needs of Business Users, Data Analysts/ Scientists and System Administrators from one Single Stack.






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