Six year old hot shot independent agency River Advertising recently launched their 4th campaign for Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films – PERFECT FILMS NEVER LEAVE YOU

River’s constant endeavour to help brands engage with people by creating ideas that are insightful, human & simple. This latest campaign for Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films reminds people of the power of great storytelling and the lasting impact of powerful films through insightful acts. GOOD FILMS ENTERTAIN YOU. GREAT FILMS STAY WITH YOU.

The campaign includes a series of films set in everyday scenarios. They inspire & encourage filmmakers to create films that will never leave you.

Released on the brand’s social media platforms, the films have garnered great interest and also resulted in more than 300 films submissions by aspiring directors already. The films are supported by a social media campaign.

Large Short Films has become India’s most credible platform for shorts. It showcases films made by renowned directors, featuring celebrated actors, and even has a roster of shorts that have gone on to win the National Film Award. Today, given the ever-changing viewer habits, LARGE SHORT FILMS YouTube channel has crossed over I million subscribers and still counting.

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Sohini Pani, Founder & Managing Director of River Advertising, says,
“Large Short Films has been built on the premise of perfection and originality, two of the most critical components, which make for great filmmaking. With powerful content created over the years by some of the best directors in the country, the platform has become the voice of many aspiring directors as well as those who want a credible platform to showcase their film. In our 4th campaign we have brought alive the very essence of inviting budding filmmakers to create content which is powerful enough to NEVER LEAVE YOU”