26/11 Mumbai Attacks: Reminiscent of the ghost of the past events


10years have been passed but still not forgotten the nightmare and agony faced by the Mumbaikars and the foreign, victims of 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. The impression of the attack left many under trauma leaving bruises in the hearts of the Mumbai city and the World. The attack will be marked in calendars forever and in Indian history.

November 26, 2008, a D-Day of the melancholy and perished ones unfortunately remembered as The 2008 Mumbai attacks or referred to as 26/11. Group of terrorist attacks took place in the city by Islamic Terrorist Organisation called Lashkar-e-Taiba based in Pakistan wounding many innocents brazenly defying the law.

Razzia- Preying on the victims ruthlessly

On 26, November 2018  around 20:00 IST the first event took place where 10 Lashkar-e-Taiba members came ashore in Colaba, Mumbai. When the fishermen reported to the policemen about the brashy behavior of the group, the local police were helpless by the time they probe in detail.

The primary attacks began around 21:30 IST by two gunmen Ismail Khan and Ajmal Kasab enter the passenger hall of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) and open fired using AK-47 rifles nearly injuring 104 citizens and assassinating 58 others relentlessly which ended at 22:45 IST.

The Leopold Cafe, Taj Hotel and Oberoi Trident and Nariman House became a hub for the terrorists. The attacker held hostages and exploded the elevators creating a wreck and terror in the city.

At least 174 people, including security personnel, civilians, and nine of the attackers were killed during the confrontation. Hostages were tortured and disfigured by the attackers unmercifully leaving 300 people wounded.

The unprecedented war began on Wednesday 26 November and lasted until Saturday 29 November 2008 sparing many lives, shedding blood and sweat to save the city and lives of the Men, Women, and Children. Many lost their loved ones forever in the attack not bidding adieu.

The 26/11 cold-blooded attack touched the world making strong global condemnation against the ruthless Islamic terrorists raising voice against the evil and not considering it as water under the bridge situation. Many civilians became heroes saving the lives of the unrecognized. The love for the nation and the sacrifices made by the unshielded heroes who faded away are remembered not just on this particular day but remained in the very heart of an India.

We may not bring back the lost lives; may not set back the wreckage caused by the devilish attacks; may not bring back the happy families or revert back the laughs on the faces a minute back before the firing and explosions, but never forget the Indian blood who sacrificed for many lives of Mumbaikars and Indians.

10 years since the 26/11 attack, we lit the light of remembrance to our patriotic heroes and families involved in rescue operations. Saluting the army who took bullets unarmed rescuing the people and common man for acting as brave of the bravest in the rescue mission.


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