5 Benefits of Linkedin Advertising That No Other Platform Offers


LinkedIn advertising has several unique benefits that no other social media platform provides. With more than 300 million monthly active users and sharp audience targeting options, Linkedin is just the right channel to help your business attract customers depending on your marketing goals.


For marketers around the world social media marketing means Facebook and Instagram ads but that might not always be the best choice. Sure, Linkedin does not has user base as big as Facebook or Instagram but that said, it offers a number of unique advantages over other networks that are important to explore. 

So, let’s learn five major advantages of Linkedin advertising over its peers.

#1 Only Social Media Platform for Professionals

Linkedin is platform especially designed for professionals so users on this platform actively engage with content that matches their professiona interests. When you advertise on LinkedIn, you can assure yourself that your are reaching top-of-funnel audiences mostly the decision makers. And because you’re engaging with them in a professional setting, they’re also more receptive to your marketing message.

#2 Better Audience Targeting Options

Marketing is nothing but giving right message to right people at right time. Considering this the target audience you choose becomes vital for your campaign. This is where Linkedin has edge over its competitors in advertising, apart from standard demographic information, LinkedIn allows you to target your ads based on variables such as:

  • Skillset
  • Degree
  • Industry
  • Company size & name
  • Job title
  • Job function

LinkedIn targeting

Not only this Linkedin also provides you option to exclude certain audiences, ensuring that your assets don’t get wasted due to irrelevant click traffic.

#3 Sponsored InMail Ad Type

Other than ususal ad types like text, carousel, and video. Linkedin provides a special Ad type “InMail ads” which integrates into its internal messaging platform. Using this feature you can share your message to people directly to user’s inbox. These email-like messages have proven to be highly successful, with open and click-through rates above those of regular emails.


Another useful ad type from Linkedin is lead ads, which allow you to generate conversions without having to guide your audience to your website first.

#4 Linkedin Lead Accelerator feature

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator allows you to deliver high-quality leads to your sales teams by engaging prospects anywhere online with relevant ads and content.

linkedin lead accelrator

The prime objective of this tool is to Serve only the most relevant content and ad creative to high-value segments anywhere online, and optimize your messaging over time.

#5 More Conversion Rate, Better ROI

All of first four points of this article are hinting towards this pont. If you can use Linkedin ads in right way it is the most benefical advertising platform and we have number to prove that.


 A year-long study by HubSpot found that on average, LinkedIn ads convert users to leads at a 6.1 per cent conversion rate. For reference, that compares to 2.58 per cent for Google search ads. 



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