5 Best Paid Social Media Tools


Over the past few years, social media optimization and marketing have emerged as one of the prime necessities for businesses. As audiences and target customers are the most crucial resources for potential enterprises, there is no denying their significance for popularizing your brand. The widespread development of the virtual platform along with latest tech innovations turned social media into a great marketing avenue. Moreover, with the availability of paid social media tools, branding has become easier than ever for prospective entrepreneurs.

Follow the article, as it speaks of the top 5 paid social media tools capable of translating your marketing efforts into huge success.

#1. Trackur

Trackur is one of the highly effective and reliable social media marketing tools. Its easy-to-use interface makes it the perfect option for first-time marketers. With Trackur, marketers will have proper access to crucial analytics and statistics along with User Feedback. Clients will simply need to search for a particular keyword for more accurate results on it.

Additionally, this tool includes quite a few social media platforms, which keeps your brand in-sync with the network.

#2. Nanigans

The list also includes Nanigans, a multichannel social media software tools, used specifically in Facebook marketing projects. With lucid access to Facebook Exchange or FBX, this particular platform offers some great opportunity for efficient retargeting.  Market biggies such as JackThreads, eBay as well as Zynga rely on this social media tool for popularizing their products.

It also offers numerous features capable of helping you in retargeting. Quite inevitably, Nanigans qualifies as one of the most effective paid social media tools.

#3. ViralHeat

Apart from the ones mentioned above, ViralHeat will also prove to be a great option for users. By including data from the biggest social media networking channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, ViralHeat offers great assistance to potential mobile marketers. The tool utilizes an advanced algorithm to identify potential clients interested in purchasing the vendor’s services and product. Moreover, ViralHeat offers a glimpse of the analytics to clients. Other than the technical aspects, ViralHeat offers diverse pricing policies.

As the most desired result, marketers will have the opportunity of choosing the pricing plan according to their choice. The tool offers a demo, thus making the decision-making process quite easier for marketers.

#4. Power Editor

With Facebook entering into the digital marketing arena, online marketers surely have some good news awaiting their attention. Especially, with the arrival of Power Editor, users will have access to latest budgeting and targeting features.

With Power Editor, marketers will not have to bear the brunt of 3rd party fee. Quite inevitably, it will prove to be of great help for new marketers, as they will be the sole creator and manager of their advertisements

#5. Sysomos

Another unique addition to this list is Sysomos. Thanks to its simple features and analytics for making it one of the highly reliable paid social media tools. The tool also features a product termed as HeartBeat, which happens to be a real-time social media measurement and monitoring tool. What you get with this product are snapshots of conversations as well as a diverse variety of graphics.

The availability of this product has completely revolutionized the social media landscape and ushered in new possibilities for marketers. Sysomos also comes with a demo display, after which you can finalize your choice pricing plans.

It is time for action

Every passionate entrepreneur will wish to take his dream venture to unsurpassed heights. And they will always strive hard to ensure that. Making investments in paid social media tools will prove to be the smartest move in this regard. Spend on your chosen tool now and gain a competitive advantage in the market!

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Best Paid Social Media Tools
  • Trackur
  • Nanigans
  • ViralHeat
  • Power Editor
  • Sysomos


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