Top 5 Best Organic Social Media Tools

best social media organic tools

Since time immemorial, social media has been an integral part of a company’s marketing strategies. The marketing efforts of every potential enterprise will remain incomplete without tapping into the social media market. However, the marketing landscape has undergone substantial transformations over the past few years.  The rapid growth of the virtual platform has been instrumental in creating this unique digitized format of social media that is prevalent today. With the emergence of the popular social media platforms, it has become imperative to tap into their resources while marketing your products. And none other than the best organic social media tools can help you do that.

The statistical overview

Have a look at the number of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter users, and you will get a hang of the social media landscape in the present times. With 1.44 billion, 300 million and 302 million followers respectively, these popular social media platforms qualify as the best place for popularizing and marketing your brand.

Having highly effective social media tools in place will inevitably help you in utilizing the power of social media. Breeze through the article and get knowledgeable on the most popular organic social media tools.

#1 Social Flow

Ingenious entrepreneurs always wish to invest in tools and resources that are readily available and usable, during times of need. If you are one of them, then Social Flow might just prove to be your best partner. With a unique optimization algorithm, Social Flow takes care of the three prime requisites of social media marketing. With relevant messaging, right time and right audience, you will get your marketing campaigns across at optimal time.

#2 Sprout Social

Another revered name in this list is Sprout Social. With the help of this tool, you will have the liberty to manage, post, monitor and dissect several social media accounts with ease. By offering easy access to users, Sprout Social ensures a great experience for brand owners. You can breeze through its scheduled posts, reply to posts on Twitter and Facebook as well as toggle the Feedly integration offered by it.

Thanks to the presence of built-in analytics for offering you a glimpse of the crucial social media marketing metrics. Additionally, this particular social media tool also offers a streaming inbox, which allows an open pathway to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Twitter profiles. Although this tool happens to be a bit costly, it truly emphasizes the ‘social’ aspect of social media.

#3 Bitly

Apart from Sprout Social, you also have Bitly by your side. By shortening and restricting the number of links posted on social media accounts, Bitly makes your social media presence neat and uncomplicated. Moreover, this tool also offers you the opportunity of tracking clicks, exploring real-time analytics and bookmarking favorites.

#4 Tweepi

As a passionate entrepreneur, you will inevitably wish to take note of Trendy tweets and ignore inactive presences on your social media accounts. Tweepi happens to be the best option for those perfectionists wishing to impart a fresh and professional look to their Twitter accounts.

#5 Offerpop

Since audience engagement happens to be a crucial aspect of social media marketing, brand owners are always looking for the most effective tools for ensuring that. With a unique focus on garnering engagement, Offerpop qualifies as one of the most effective social media tools. Quite intriguingly, this tool utilizes the power of hashtag campaigns, quizzes, referral programs, user-generated contents as well as contests to engage social consumers.

With huge amounts of data, the social networks emerge as one of the most effective marketing resources for businesses. And that proves to be highly beneficial for entrepreneurs.

The deciding factor

By optimizing your organic social media presence, these organic social media tools can take your marketing efforts to unsurpassed heights. All you need to do is choose the appropriate tool and get going!


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