5 Innovative Businesses That Were Featured On Shark Tank India


The show Shark Tank India is gaining immense popularity amongst the audience. The show has given budding entrepreneurs important business lessons which can benefit them to grow their business and get the necessary fundings from investors. The audience has been attracted to the show with innovative businesses featured on Shark Tank India that were trying to solve consumers’ problems with effective and scalable solutions.

The show has an eminent panel of judges who are India’s top entrepreneurs-  Anupam Mittal, (Founder of Shaadi.com), Ashneesh Grover (Co-founder of Bharat Pe), Namita Thapar (Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals), Aman Gupta (Co-Founder and CMO of bOAt), Ghazal Alagh (Co-founder and CIO of Mamaearth), Peyush Bansal (CEO and Co-Founder of Lenskart), Vineeta Singh (CEO and Co-Founder of Sugar Cosmetics).  The judges not only act as investors but also provide valuable realistic insights as mentors for the entrepreneurs.

There have been many innovative business pitches featured on Shark Tank India. They cater to different sectors and various consumer needs. 

Let us look at the innovative businesses and ideas that got featured on Shark Tank India

  1. Peeschute
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The personal hygiene brand, Peeschute started in 2019 by Sidhant Tawarawala in Jalna got the attraction of the judges. The business aims to solve the hygiene issue faced by men and women for accessing clean toilets in India.

It offers a hygienic and unisex urine bag where the person can urinate. The urine gets solidified without any leakage and odour. It is an environmentally conscious product that removes the dependency on using dirty toilets in public places.

The business offers two ranges of products. One is designed for people with frequent urination issues and patients with ow mobility. The second product is for one-time usage.

 The target audience of the Peeschute ranges from travelers to astronauts. 

The innovative product is pending patenting but managed to get funding from Shark Tank India with an investment corpus of 75 Lakhs with 6 percent equity from Aman Gupta, co-founder of bOAt.

2) Menstrupedia

image source- thebetterindia.com

Menstrupedia is a women’s health educator that was started by Aditi Gupta and Tuhin Paul to break the myths around menstruation. The brand has created scaleable comics with verified medical information for parents to easily disseminate information on sex education. 

Menstrupedia has been circulated by many government schools in regional languages for training and as educational material.

For the next step, Menstrupedia wants to create a digital app for parents to easily access content on sex and reproductive education without waiting for the comic books to be delivered to their doorsteps. 

The idea found an investment of Rs 50 lakhs with an equity share of 20 percent from Namita Thapar

3) Tagz Foods

Image source- fulmino fans

With the slogan – Fit Lit and Snackitivity, the food brand Tagz Foods made its innovative pitch on Shark Tank India. The brand is disrupting food marketing by bringing chips that are popped and not fried for the young snacking consumers. It is the next healthy snacking that youngsters can binge.

Tagz Foods also sell gourmet dips and plans to launch a range of healthy snacks such as chocolates and cookies as their next set of products.

The idea found resonance with Ashneer Grover who offered investment and mentorship to the founders Anish Basu Roy and Sagar Bhalotia.

4) qZense Lab

Shark Tank India Episode 3 | Aam Aadmi Ke Business Ideas | 22nd Dec 2021
Image source- sharktank.co.in

Founded by Rubel Chib and Dr. Srishti Batra, qZense Lab helps to solve the problem of fruit sellers and vendors cutting down their losses by selling damaged fruits without knowing if it’s good or bad from the inside. 

qZense through its biotechnology using the principles of spectroscopy infrared and artificial olfaction through scanning and the sensors would provide colour codes to determine the quality of fruits.

The business idea sounded innovative, but it could not manage to get an investment deal.

5) Thinkerbell Labs

Thinkerbell lab's Pitch | Shark Tank India | - Under20s
Image source- Sharktank.co.in

Digital education is now the norm because of the pandemic. However, it should be inclusive to students with physical disabilities. To increase literacy amongst blind students at home, Thinkerbell Labs with their product Annie bought a self-learning Braille literacy device in the market.

The product has a tech for good model and speaks in different languages to the kids. The children can learn typing, writing, games, stories, and build their vocabulary. Annie also with its Helio technology tracks the improvement in learning of the kids.

Annie is an innovative product that can bridge the learning gap amongst children with visual impairments.

The idea got an investment of 1,05 crores with 3 percent equity from Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, and Peysuh Bansal.


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