What App planning to Launch Group Video Call on Android


World’s most widely used messaging and internet calling app Whats App is rolling out many new updates to the platform in order to enhance the user experience. As per the reports, The Facebook-owned app is rolling out the group calling feature for Android users initially. Later, this feature will be made available to the iOS and Windows 10 Mobile platforms too.

Recently Whats App has announced that the platform has over 1.5 million monthly active users. It has been missing one feature that is available on many other similar platforms and it is the group video calling support.

WhatsApp video

The Group video calling feature on Whats App will be rolled out with the Android beta version 2.18.39. On updating to this beta version, the Android users of WhatsApp can add up to three people in an ongoing video call thereby bringing this number up to four. This feature will definitely be a boon to many WhatsApp users who were looking forward for the group video calling support.



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