[App Review] Hubhopper : A Delhi-based App for Podcast Lovers

Hubhopper app

About Hubhopper

Hubhopper is a mobile application available on both Android and iOS users which brings the latest news and ad-free content from publishers and podcasts all over the world. The makers of the app claim it to be the largest publisher and podcast directory in India and hail it as your one-stop shop for world news and news today and are India’s largest directory of podcasts online.

Hubhopper was launched as a social network in 2015 but soon changed into a podcast directory and short-form content aggregation platform. For the users who want a “bite-sized” information summaries. HubHopper serves as a platform for audio content creators, news and magazine publishers, bloggers, and vloggers across genres and ideas.

The Founders

HubHopper is created by brothers Gautam Raj Anand and Uday Raj Anand. The idea of HubHopper was conceived by Gautam while he was working at Barclays as a banker. The idea was to make podcasts and news, on-demand and on-the-go available for everybody with the aim of saving people time and curating information in a manner much more for interesting for today’s internet users.

Gautam on the rising popularity of podcasts in India –“The major factor driving the popularity of podcasts amongst millennial audiences is the flexibility they offer. Millennials are renowned for their multitasking capabilities, and podcasts engage them with their preferred content without requiring their full attention,”

User Experience and Ease of Use

Hubhopper app is packed with amazing social features which creates a great content consuming experience unlike other podcasts platform available in the market. The app is specially designed to give users a daily dose of their interests through short, ephemeral bite-sized pieces of content, controlled by each user in real time. The special effort was made to make sure a user is up to date with all the happenings in the stuff they love in under five minutes. The app has a clean, uncomplicated interface, and its recommendation engine works fairly well. It is a lightweight app at 5.7 MB, and – most importantly- allows background play of podcasts, making it a good travel companion.

Features you will love 

  • Hubhopper comes with thousands of shows and stories produced from all over the world. Browse through a collection of top podcasts, with news podcasts, business podcasts, technology podcasts, football podcasts, educational podcasts and many more.
  • Engage with the latest news stories by loving them, sharing them and bookmarking them, creating curated albums like your very own newspaper app.
  • Discover and subscribe to an ever-growing selection of top publishers like NDTV, CNN, The Verge, Mashable and many more.
  • Consume bite-sized intros or summaries of breaking news and trending content in a feed that’s customized to your tastes, with world news and India news as well as viral videos, memes, articles, and images curated for you in your very own e-newspaper.

The Success Story

After hitting the 153rd spot only 3 weeks after launch, the made in Delhi app soon soared past established applications like Tumblr and Facebook Mentions, finally ending up at position 40th in the world. The app has more than 1 Million downloads on Google Play store with average ratings of 4.8. It claims to have recorded 2-3 million impressions worldwide with an active monthly user base of 500,000.


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