How food brands can grow on Instagram?

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The FMGC industry is growing at an incredible rate in India. And with the wave of start-ups, every other entrepreneur is creating unique food products. Many of the food brands promote sustainability, the keto diet, veganism, and healthy eating; these concepts cater to millennials and young professionals who are fitness conscious. Hence, most of these food brands are present on Instagram to drive their sales and bring conversions.

To be truthful, making money for a business brand on Instagram organically is a little bit difficult unless the brand is created by a famous celebrity. Therefore a large number of FMGC B2B and B2C brands have to do paid marketing and run ads on Instagram.

Instagram is cluttered with many brands and businesses. Therefore, for food brands to grow on Instagram, a compelling content marketing strategy is needed.

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Let us look at the different ways food brands can grow on Instagram

  1. USP on the bio
Alpino foods, instagram

The tagline of the food brand should be clearly depicted on the Instagram bio. This tagline, in a concise way, needs to explain the USP of the brand. Through the bio, the food brand on Instagram can hook the audience to scroll down and see their products and content. 

There are so many brands in the same niche; hence it is the bio that creates the differentiation.

For instance, Blue Tokai Coffee roasters have a big presence on Instagram and through their bio, they clearly showcase how they are different from other coffee brewers in India

  1. Brand consistency 
in a can, instagram

Instagram users are attracted by colours and visuals. Therefore for food brands on Instagram, their page should have brand colour consistencies. This makes the page uniform and visually appealing. 

Other than colours, food brands need to have a toolkit or a guideline that prescribes the font style and logo placement.

  1. Play with humorous captions and memes
Naario India, instagram

Food brands on Instagram can leverage humour and meme marketing on their posts. Memes and humour related to pop culture and funny situations can help to create brand relatability amongst the audience. Since many food brands on Instagram cater to the young audience, they can target them by creating branded meme ads.

  1. Create value 
Whole truth food, instragram

If you are a food brand with a unique proposition, you need to create content that gives the users value to consume your product. If it is nutritional and has health benefits, these could form a useful content bucket for the audience. 

Food brands can also create content that busts the myths around nutrition and consuming a particular type of food. 

If the user sees value, they will automatically consume and even recommend the brand to their friends and families.

  1. Use reels and food bloggers
image courtesy- Alpino food, instagram

There are plenty of micro food influencers and bloggers on Instagram who looks for collaborations. Through them, food brands can create influencer marketing content and reel ads that would bring leads and conversions.

Food brands can also showcase recipe reels of the product and announce giveaways to spark the interest of more audiences.


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