How to promote restaurants and bars using social media


Social media is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing technique. The people presently are being active on social media almost more than half a day. It might be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, emails and more. The presence of social media has shaken the living of today entirely.

For example, You want to buy something, you check your social media for the reviews. You want to eat something, the advice is taken by searching which restaurant is good and has high review. No one today actually is trusting anything that ain’t having a good review. There are loads of pages in all of the social media for promoting their businesses. The food industry hasn’t stepped backward. Almost 96% of restaurants and bars are using social media for the development of their business. Every restaurant or bar owners give the exposure to the business through the social media.

Not every restaurant and bar owner who creates a page in the social media gets success. There are more things to be considered than just creating a page. If you want your restaurant or bar run busy with many customers here and there, this blog might help you in it.

So, let’s see how to promote your food business using social media in detail?

#1 Organize your social accounts 

Being organized is must in marketing and that to while using the social media. To be organized using online tools like HootSuite, HubSpot, buffer etc to manage all your social accounts. Don’t post anything irregular that might fully ruin your business. Give the responsibility of managing the accounts only to one person. The social media is a kind of thing that makes you won or lost. The quality of the food is also important, let the food lovers know the quality, taste and the service, the ambiance of your restaurant or the bar and just one post. Create the posts that are impressive and eye-catching.

#2 Respond to Reviews

Reviews can either be good or bad. It all depends on how good your restaurant or your bad is. If reviews are good, maintain the same level, if bad just try to correct your mistakes. Respond to the reviews either way. The response from your side shows your sincerity. Invite few food bloggers and give some exposure. Get featured in their review pages and gain some promotion.

#3 Hashtags and keywords

Use the right and trending hashtags and keywords while posting mainly on Instagram, that can reach the people all over the world in minutes.

#4 Upload Pictures and videos

The food photography is the new trend, the pages of food photography have more followers than anything else. Post the tempting and drooling kind of food pictures of your restaurant. Who isn’t interested in knowing what is happening inside the four walls of the kitchen in the restaurant. Add on the chef’s fun cooking, bartender’s mixing up the drinks, garnishing the dishes and serving videos in official accounts. Videotape the customer’s comments and their views about your restaurant, post them too.

#5 Advertise

Advertise as more as possible. Get visited by putting ads in each of the websites, social sites. Also, provide online services for your customers. Include your restaurant in the food delivery apps or website and make it more convenient for your customers. Even this way, your restaurant or bar surely gets more promoted. Few of the food  delivery apps are,

  • Swiggy
  • Zomato
  • Foodpanda
  • Just eat
  • Faasos and more.

#6 Engage with your customers online

What’s more promotional than the self-promotion. Self-promotion, by engaging and interacting with your customers.train your staff to be friendly with your customers. Ask them personally whether they liked the food, services or not. Be polite and not to mention a professional staff. Responding to your customers does set up a game against your competitors.

#7 Organise Social Media Contests

Organise a contest by putting some conditions like follow your official pages, share them with their friends or ask them questions based on your recently made dishes or something like that. Give away few coupons or free food or discounts to the winners.

#8 Promotions through discounts:

Tell me, who doesn’t like sales and discounts. Personally, I choose the place to eat at the place where they serve good food along with the proper discount. Not more people can afford higher priced food more frequently. The discounts on special occasions or events, do increase your customer lists, don’t forget to mention on your accounts beforehand.

#9 New inventions, all the way to increase your sales graph

Invent new dishes, use all the ingredients available build up a new dish, make them tasty. Try to present the food different from any other dishes of other restaurants. Include various combinations. Just be creative.

Upgrade your menu, add on more dishes based on everyone’s taste and preferences and let your customers know. Make a great effort to satisfy your customers. Once they are satisfied, they will be the key to the success of your business. They will even recommend to their friends and families too.


Utilise the social media in developing your business as far as possible, it surely is an excellent way to promote your business and that too is free. Not any marketing technique is as easy and interesting as marketing through the social media. I would definitely say it is a fun way to do the marketing. The only thing to keep in the mind is to be creative, think out of the box, work on how creative you can more be, put all your effort, interest, hard work, seek advice and help from marketing agencies if not. Recruit some professions instead to put more focus on the social media marketing. Make sure your food creates a new trend, aren’t trendings and social media best friends? yes, they are. Not only running the restaurant or bar is important but how efficiently your business is running and how busy your place is being mattered and that’s what puts you in the top place.



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