Be Indian Buy Indian Initiative – How the E-commerce industry is altering the Indian economy


Have you ever thought about how you can make a big difference to the Indian economy in just a few simple steps?

If I give you a small example of the Indian currency, you will come to know that in

2012- 1$ was equal to IND Rs 52

Now- 1$ is equal to IND Rs 71.53

Do you really feel that the Indian economy is booming? No, it isn’t booming but it is going down for sure. So, now our glorious economy is in your hands. It is your responsibility to save it in this period of crisis. Otherwise, we might be stuck in a critical situation.

India like many other ASIAN countries is going through a massive economic crunch.


Learn how to make a Huge Difference to the Indian Economy in just a Few Steps.

  • More than 30,000 crore rupees of foreign exchange are sent out of our country for products like cosmetics, snacks, tea, beverages, etc that are produced and consumed in India.
  • Any cold drink would simply cost 70 to 80 Indian paisa to produce but is sold for Rs 9 to 12 and most of the profits from these are sent outside the country. This causes major draining of the Indian economy.
  • We have nothing against Multinational companies, but for the sake of our country, we request each and every person to just use Indian products. If we do not adopt this practice, with the rise in prices of petrol, the value of Rupee will fall further and we’ll end up paying a thousand times more for the same old products in the near future.

What is the solution to it?

  1. Purchase products manufactured by full Indian companies. Do not purchase anything manufactured by international companies.
  2. Gather as many people as possible for this particular cause. Every individual must become a guide and champion for it, that is the only way in which we can save India from the prevailing economic crisis. You do not need to give-up your lifestyle. You just have to choose a different product.

How Eanythingindian Supports Be Indian, Buy Indian!

The Indian e-commerce industry has been rising quite dramatically and is expected to overcome the US to become the largest e-commerce market in the world by 2034.

The esteemed CEO at Eanythingindian, Mrs. Meeta Dandona started her e-commerce venture with the “Be Indian, Buy Indian” initiative. As the name suggests, Eanythingindian is a vast collection of Ethnic Fashion & Lifestyle products from Indian regions & brands that are being sold to Indians all around the world. We also sell organic health, wellness, and beauty products and are never against any foreign product and are not multinational. Mrs. Meeta believes that through eanythingindian, we can make some difference to the Indian Economy. 

Multinationals call it the globalization of the Indian Economy, but for eanythingindian and Indians like you and me it is recolonization of India and we are determined to prevent it and be with our country at this time of emergency.


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