Best of Moment Marketing By Brands in India


Gone are the days of static marketing ideas and campaigns. Creating your campaign around current events and happenings across the world is the current trend and this trend is here to stay.

What is Moment Marketing

Moment marketing is the art of leveraging current events which people relate to easily in your marketing campaigns. In other words, moment marketing is delivering the right message at the right time to hit people’s consciences.

Moment Marketing

Moment Marketing Examples India:

Here are few example of how brand brands are embracing current events by creating campaigns around them which people can relate to easily.


It all started with a video tweet by Bollywood actor Rahul bose during his stay at JW Marriott, Chandigarh when he received the bill of 44rupees for 2 bananas he asked for. As soon the tweet recieved some traction on social media, the brands went bananas over trend and showcased all the things they can offer under ₹442.50 and the perks you’d get.  


Hima Das has taken the world by storm by her exemplary performance and brand tapped on the moment to celebrate her achievement.

Sacred Games 2

When the fans were busy watching the nail-biting sequence, brands jumped on to the bandwagon of leveraging on the moment with their swipe on the quirky and witty dialogues from the series in their brand creatives.


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