The Biggest Youtube Event in Hyderabad!

Ticket To Youtube Stardom

Are you someone who has been waiting to attend an event which can give you the whole insight of being Youtuber.


You are someone who has ideas to make videos and upload to youtube and become a youtube celebrity! If yes then We have something special for you.


Agenda for the workshop:

  •         How To Generate new Video Ideas
  •         How To Maximize Your Income(Adsense and Other Channels)
  •         Judge Your Content
  •         How can you increase organic views
  •         How To Build Fan Base

Why should you attend this-

YouTube is one of the few platforms where amateur content creators are financially rewarded for their work. Enabling many to make it their full-time profession

Having said that content creator are faced with a dilemma ‘What clicks on YouTube?’. Especially after seeing videos of Korean pop singers which hardly anyone cares about to rake over a billion views.

To understand this phenomenon the answers lies only partly in the content and dominantly in understanding how content goes viral. It is a science and you have to approach this task using the scientific method. In the conference, we will dissect the target audience and show you methods to develop approaches to upload and optimize your content to get the maximum out of it.

To understand and keep abreast with the nature of Viral Content you need to understand the hive mind of your audience and other YouTubers. You might be a newbie out to learn the ropes or a veteran YouTuber out to feel the tides. Head over to our conference which includes a luncheon (Included in ticket charges) with distinguished luminaries of the field.know more whizsky (1)



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