This Women’s Day, aLL – The plus size brand trolls the trolls with #IAmbetterCurvy

aLL the plus size store

aLL’s latest Women’s Day film takes a sassy spin on all those internet trolls, reminding women to be themselves in all their glory and ignore the haters

March 6th, 2020: aLL, the pioneer in plus size fashion, along with their creative digital agency Brandmovers India, has created a campaign for Women’s Day that will resonate with all plus sizers, influencers and users alike. Body shaming, rude comments and free advice are a large part of being a plus sizer on social media; people love giving their two-bits on how a plus size person should live their life. aLL’s film titled “#IAmBetterCurvy” reminds women to be unabashedly bold and cheeky while dealing with those internet trolls. A one of its kind, this film conceptualized by Brandmovers India, is the first step in starting a body positivity conversation with a hint of fun.

The film stars Sakshi Sindhwani, a plus size fashion blogger of the stylemeupwithSakshi fame and belly dancer Anjana Bapat. The two ladies ask and answer questions they are often trolled with on the internet; “lose some weight”, “your clothes are too tight” and a few others. The duo put their sassiest foot forward, danced it out and had a great time.

When one thinks of body positivity, they often take the inspirational and didactic route, forgetting that a little bit of fun and cheek goes a long way. This film is a reminder to all those plus size women out there to be bold and beautiful and that being plus size doesn’t have to be a sob story as long as you embrace it and give yourself all that love.

Mr. Hetal Kotak, CEO aLL-Plus Size Store and Lee Cooper India says,

At aLL, as a pioneering Plus Size Brand we have celebrated style and beauty beyond size, since 2005. We ensure that we create and curate a versatile range in both ethnic and western, which fit and flatter the plus size individuals of different body shapes. The whole point is to not put plus-size individuals in straight-jackets. This was the same thought which triggered our Women’s Day campaign- #IAmBetterCurvy. This Women’s Day, we wanted to uphold the unapologetic, confident and sassy women of today who embrace their curvy selves & are proud to be who they are.

#IAmBetterCurvy takes a new spin on self-love without the pressure to conform to societal norms of beauty and also opens the door for discussion/conversation for the larger aspect of body-positivity.” A film like this presents plus size people in a bold and fun light, leaving an impact on the audience and challenging typical plus size stereotypes. Suvajyoti Ghosh, Chief Creative Offer and MD, Brandmovers India says, “This Women’s Day, we wanted to step away from basics and start a conversation, focussing on the larger picture of self-love and acceptance. And we wanted to give it an entertaining spin. #IAmBetterCurvy will not just elicit a smile, it is food for thought and the beginning of a larger discussion on how the world perceives plus-sizers.


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