#Bingpredicts and Cricket World Cup 2015



The cricket world cup 2015 has become the most talked about topic on social networks pages of big brands and the top followed pages. Now the cricket fans can know the status of field from their news feed or from the tweets.

The topic has helped these brands to earn lot of new followers on their social media pages of these brands. While some brands are updating their social pages with the scores or news of CWC 2015, Microsoft Bing is a step ahead from them with its hashtags #BingPredicts #BingCricket.

#BingCricket Introduced on Bing’s Facebook Page


Bing’s Facebook page has been quite active with regular fresh posts, but the frequency of user-activity has always been inconsistent.


The CWC 2015 has brought a lot of new likes to Bing’s Facebook page.

New Page Likes Stats for Bing Website Page


The search engine has two different pages, one is Bing Website and another one is Bing Product/Service.

bing-facebook-timeline bing-website-facebook-page
Cricket posts are primarily being updated on the Product/Service page while they are also shared on main Website page as well, so as to gather maximum traffic.
The page is regularly updating with hash tags #BingCricket and #BingPredicts. Though the topic brought the valuable likes, but couldn’t helped to maintain the consistency in user-activity. In fact, as per the number and quality of posts updating each day, there should have been a much higher activity. Maybe Microsoft can blame Google for such frightful outcomes. As a very small number of people prefer Bing over Google for making searches online, it’s obvious that much lower will actively visit its social pages.

Search Engine User Statistics – Source searchengineland(dot)com
Search Engine User Statistics – Source searchengineland(dot)com

With each fresh post every day, the page managers must be expecting higher views, as their efforts are moving up the hill and results are rolling back down the hill.

Page Stats – Bing Product/Service Page

Since the very first CWC 2015 post, there has been more than 50 posts updated on Bing’s Facebook, including different catchy hash tags like #DilSay‬ #DimagSay‬ and versus hash tags. For more user-attraction, number of quiz posts were published, which again didn’t really made a difference.

bing-on-world-cup-social-media bing-world-cup-creatives

Nevertheless, they got some extra likes, attention of thousands of more users and more users started using Bing as their default search engines, however, no exact stats are available to calculate the hike. The Facebook page managers of Bing have earned our respect for their #NeverGiveUp attitude.


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