Brand New Features in Zoom


The video conferencing app Zoom, has decided to roll out some new features for its million user base. The new features are focused on securing and streamlining the experience of its users’ insights while they communicate on the app. 

These brand-new features include the following:

  • Focus Mode
  • Enhancement to Zoom Chat Sidebar
  • Transfer of Meetings from Mobile to Desktop
  • Improved Functionality for iPad Users

All these features will be available to the users till October, 2021.

Let us get to know about each feature in detail one by one.

The Focus Mode

Zoom has introduced the focus mode while keeping educators in mind. With the focus mode, the online educator can keep track of their students without much hassle and effort. In focus mode, the participants of the video calls can see only themselves, hosts, and co-hosts in a particular view. In the feature, hosts or co-hosts can see all participants simultaneously. 

Transfer meeting from mobile to desktop

The world is evolving day by day, primarily the digital world. The transition of the video calls from mobile to the desktop will make the lives of millions of Zoom users easy and efficient. The medium of communication will not matter much when the users can seamlessly transition from mobile to desktop.

Limited Meeting Sharing with External Participants:

If the hosts do not want to share something sensitive with external or guest call participants, they can prevent accessibility. 

All the new features will enhance the experience of the Zoom App users worldwide. 



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