Facebook Expands Rights Manager Tool to Detect Copyrighted Images

Creator Studio

Facebook announced recently that they are expanding its Rights Manager tool, which can detect copyright images from content across both of Facebook’s platforms, i.e. Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook explained that they have released a new version of Rights Manager for these platforms, which will detect copied images of creators on both platforms. The tool uses image matching technology to help creators identify if their images are being used by someone else.

The process is simple, page admins will need to submit an application for the content they are creating and want to protect. Rights manager will then search both Facebook and Instagram to find matching images. The submitted application must be approved by Facebook first, so Rights Manager can start looking for images that it believes is being reused without the creator’s permission.

Since platforms such as Instagram are public, it was almost impossible to claim content from creators if they are found being used on someone else’s account. In addition to introducing the Rights manager in Creator studio, Facebook ensures that they have an effective IP reporting system and an infringement policy in place to identify any copy content.

The new tools are a welcomed addition to both the platforms as it can help creators and publishers better manage their intellectual properties.


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