Case Study – Net Neutrality


Internet plays a very important role in everybody’s life these days. Today’s era is totally dependent on hi speed internet. Net neutrality is need of the hour. Now you must be wondering, what is net neutrality? Let us give you a brief description about it.


What is net neutrality?

Net neutrality is defined as the principle according to which all the data transfers which are taking place via internet must be treated equally. All the data on the internet should be treated equally by the government. Net neutrality will enable users to visit any site which they want with same speed.


The websites should open up with same speed. The term was invented by a professor named Tim Wu in Columbia University Media law in 2003. According to professor, public information network can be used well if all the platforms, sites and content will be treated equally.

Why people are not aware about the term net neutrality?

In spite of the fact that the term net neutrality was introduced in 2003, not much people are aware of this. The reason could be the less popularity or lack of knowledge or less number of netizenz. May be people just want to enjoy their surfing time without thinking about the reason behind this.

What is the basic effect of Net Neutrality?

Well net neutrality has divided the internet in two sections. First one is the users, who are able to connect to any site they want anytime with same speed. Because of net neutrality ISPs will affect the loading speed of the site because of the kind of content passing through the servers.


The second and very important factor is that a lot of money is not required if the users want to start a blog or website. They just need a working hosting plan along with an idea to start a blog or website. If the users will be providing effective services than they will surely get favor of audience on the web.

What will happen if there is no net neutrality?

If there would be no net neutrality then, ISPs will be having all the powers to control data transfers and they will frame the traffic in order to get extra benefits from it. In the absence of net neutrality the internet with which we are familiar with will not exist at all. It might be possible that users have to pay according to “package plans” in order to access websites. And for accessing international websites the pay could be high. Speed of loading websites will vary according to the content used in the websites and also on the package you have bought.


It could be possible that the ISPs will start charging money from the organizations, firms in order to grant a quick access to their website. As a result those companies who will fail to pay the adequate amount of money will notice that their websites will open with a very slow speed.

What steps should be taken to protect net neutrality?

The facilities which we are getting from the internet these days may not last longer as the open internet is in danger. Chances are there that the net neutrality will be replaced by Verizon. Now you must be wandering, what is Verizon? Let us tell you.


Verizon is just opposite to net neutrality. It will control the transfer of data which will directly affect users surfing experience. Verizon has the power to slow down the loading speed of any website or page or can also block content of any website, blog. This will definitely make your internet surfing experience worse. But this is not the end it can be stopped


FCC can protect net neutrality. All they have to do is reclassify broadband as a telecommunication service. If they will be able to do this then, they will get the power to replace Verizon by net neutrality again.


It is necessary that FCC should do this because it is net neutrality who had made internet surfing this much user friendly.



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